After a short 30min drive from Split, we start our route from a small village Sitno Gornje. It begines with hiking along the old incomplete Napoleon road, which leads us up to a mountain trail. During the hike, we enjoy the amazing views on the city of Split, beautiful coastline and islands, and the impressive Mosor mountain ridge. The next spot, where we'll take a short break, is a traditional Stone Mountain house (868m). It's on you now to decide whether we'll take a hike to the 1325m peak Vickov stup, or easier route to the nearby peaks Istarska glavica and Girometina vidilica. After the fantastic view of the surrounding nature, we'll walk back down from where we started.

Start: 9 a.m. in front of the coffee bar Bellevue (Trg Republike, Split)

Duration: 3-6 hours

Price: 250,00-500,00 kn per person

Tip: take a hat, suncream, bottle of water and camera