Visitors on this trip have the oppurtunity to look around in the museums of the islands Zlarin and Prvić, and the museum in the Šibenik.

At the Memorial Center Faust Vrančić (Prvić Luka) visitors can learn about the life and work of Faust Vrančić, the inventor of Homo Volans – flying man.

At the Regional Museum Vesna Parun (Zlarin) can be seen underwater archaeological collection of ancient shipwrecks, coral history, and works of Vesna Parun – great Croatian poet.

At the Museum of Šibenik there are several departments – archaeological, cultural, historical, ethnographic and department of recent history. After the visit, it is organized a short tour of the city.

Price per person: 280,00 kn

In price included: welcome drink, lunch, tickets for the museums