This is the furthest and the largest island in Sibenik archipelago, placed 22 km southwest of Sibenik. It's famous for it's  breathtaking lagoons like Pecena, Tratinska, Mala and Vela Stupica, Koromasina. Because of its position, untouched nature and crystal clear sea, the island is a paradise for yachtsmen, adventurers and in recent years even cyclists (thanks to the new 20km long cycle track).  

Because of its gepgraphical position, it often had defensive role during history, which is witnessed in the remains of Gradina Fortress dating 6th century. It also had one of the crucial roles in Croatian War of Independence, defending Sibenik from the agressor. During tourist season, there are boat lines few times a day, and one way ticket costs 23 kn. It takes 1.30  to 2 hours to get from Sibenik to Zirje, and it's the only island in this archipelago where you can drive your car.

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Apartments Žirje
KUĆA KONTI, ID:130 Distance to the sea: 100m | Distance from the center: 3500m
Apartmani 4 +1 na upit /na upit EURO on request / on request
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